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Yesterday I Met Karl Ortenburg

Has anyone heard of Karl Ortenburg? Well, yesterday, he came over to my neck of the woods to meet me. We had a long chat over lunch, exchanged ideas, and talked about how we could help each other's businesses.

What does Karl do?

Karl was previously involved in finance but told me that he wanted to get more involved with the internet. His passion is internet marketing and he has started to organize seminars in London to share his knowledge. He is compiling an ebook and video course which will also be available shortly. Karl also plans to get other internet marketers to come and speak at future events. You can check out Karl's website here: You can also check out his blog:

Karl asked me to speak about Google adwords at his next seminar. As many of you already know, Google Adwords is my speciality and I am always happy to share my knowledge to others to help increase their level of business. I do have a fear of public speaking, so I said to him that I would love to do this if we can find a way of overcoming my problem.

Can Anyone help me with this?