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The Best Ways to Make Money Online

The question of how to make money online has come up more than any other. The article below lists the best ways to make money and describes how to go about it.

·        Place Google Adsense ads on your website

·        Sell your own products

·        Sell other people’s products

·        Sell ebooks

·        Membership sites

·        Getting leads and selling them

1) Place Google Adsense ads on your website


Adsense has been around since 2003 and is a great way to make small money online. I emphasize small because only a tiny minority of internet marketers know how to make big money at this game.

What is Adsense?

Google offers advertising on their search pages. You have probably seen small text ads down the right hand side. These ads also appear on websites that have applied for Google’s Adsense program to display them in hope of earning commissions from Google when visitors click on them.

Before 01/08/2006, which some marketing gurus call ‘The Death of Adsense’, a massive amount of money was being earned from displaying Adsense on websites. But sure enough, like anything else that seemed too good to be true, the wheels fell off.


What went wrong?

Internet marketers were buying domain names by the truck loads and scrambling together 1000’s of websites using automated software programs. These were known as ‘made for Adsense’ or ‘scraper sites’.


The ‘made for Adsense’ sites were built with only one purpose in mind - to rake in as much money from Adsense as possible. More often than not, these websites had no content on them whatsoever.


‘Scraper sites’ were more sophisticated than ‘made for Adsense’ sites. They scraped content from other websites, from search engine results pages, used accurate RSS feeds and filled pages with popular search phrases to capture traffic from the search engines. All this information was then jumbled together to make a website with lots of different content. For an example of this check out:

The scraper sites were rarely useful to visitors, as the information was not in any logical order and never made much sense. It was not always relevant either.


Google had a problem


The problem with this was that the Google index was being flooded with websites that offered very little information, and in some cases, no information whatsoever.


Searchers were starting to hate these types of sites and were complaining to Google about it. Even though Google was making millions of pounds from this, their reputation was worth far more.


Can I Still Make Money With Adsense?

These days it is still possible to make money from Google Adsense. You need to concentrate on building a small number of websites with bags of high quality information. One of the best examples of this is Michael Cheney. He only has about ten websites, all of which are packed full of excellent information.


Michael Cheney manages to make more money from Adsense with his small portfolio of sites than full-time Adsense gurus with 1000’s of websites!


Tip/ Build your websites slowly


The search engines love sites that build naturally over time.

Tip/ Don’t try to get lots of inbound links all at once


Get into a routine of applying for less than five reciprocal links at a time. Repeat the process a few days or weeks later. The key is to do small things consistently.

Tip/ Ask your visitors what they want on the site


Whenever you get the chance, ask your visitors what they want to see on the website. You can get useful feedback by sending out an email or putting up a survey on the website. Get a free survey on your site here:


Tip/ Don’t just build pages around popular keywords

Building pages around high searched on keywords or key phrases may bring you some traffic, but always keep your visitor in mind by adding as much useful content to the site as possible.


Tip/ Put up a forum on the site

Forums are really useful to have on most websites. Forums not only create a community feeling for the site, they also get visitors returning frequently, which means more clicks on the ads.

You can create your own forum by visiting


2) Sell other peoples products

If you don’t have your own products and you want to make serious money online, you can be a middle man. Selling other people’s products is a great way to make a living online and affiliate programs are the best way to do this.


The best ways of making money from being an affiliate is to search affiliate networks such as or Commission Junction ( to find products to sell.

The Companies you find on these websites offer a commission on every sale you pass their way. Commissions can vary from 1% up to 75% depending on the type of product.

Computers and electronic products tend to be at the lower end of the scale mainly due to the typically low profit margins, while information products such as ebooks are usually found at the higher end.


How would these Companies know if I sent them a customer?


This is what happens:


1) Apply for an account with and

2) Find products on and that you can sell on your website

3) Place the products on your site

4) Make sure that every affiliate product on your site contains the affiliate ID in the link

5) Find and add more products


The best examples of successful affiliate programs are Amazon and eBay.



3) Sell your own products


If you can handle the hassle of implementing an ecommerce sales and warehouse system, buying, storing, shipping, offering customer service, dealing with broken products, credit card fraud etc. then great for you! I have been through this myself, and I can assure you it’s not much fun.


However, huge profits can be made if you can get everything working together. You could import your own products or even run your own affiliate programme,


4) Sell ebooks

An electronic book, more commonly called ebook can be read directly from the screen or printed out.

Ebooks are one of the best and highest margin products to sell online. Once the ebook has been written, the sales letter constructed, and the marketing campaign put in place, you can usually sit back and make a regular income from the original effort you put in.

If you don’t want to sit down for hours on end writing an ebook there are other options.

You can:

·        Pay someone else to write the ebook for you

·        Find a book in the public domain and sell it is an ebook

·        Buy the reprint rights off another author

·        Sell someone else’s ebook for a commission (see number 2 above)

5) Membership sites

If you are building a community style website, for example a football coaching site, or a bass guitar player’s site, an option would be to offer a paid membership site.

Membership sites, once set up, generate large regular incomes. This is how it usually works:

To gain access to your website, users would have to sign up as a member. You would decide how much they have to pay and at what frequency. Monthly is the norm.

You would need to build a high quality, content packed, website with useful information that is hard to find anywhere else. In the football coaching site example, you would offer a regular newsletter with coaching tips, special offers, videos etc.

The website should offer a whole lot more than this though. It has to be great value for money, otherwise members will leave.

6) Getting leads and selling them

Selling leads is as old as the hills in the offline world. But it is very hard and stressful work. The advantages of selling leads online, is the scalability and automation that can make this type of business huge.

How do I get leads and how do I sell them?

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up to a CPA network such as CPA is short for cost per action. When you have been accepted to the network you will be able to browse through lots of different Companies that offer to pay money for leads.

You then have to decide on which product and Company you want to work with. Once you are clear on how this all works, you can go about creating a one page or mini website designed to capture the details of interested prospects.

Try to get as much information as possible from prospects. First name, last name, address, email, home and mobile phone number should be the minimum details.

When you send this information to the Company, they will pay you the specified amount for providing the lead. Your job is then done. You get paid whether the prospect buys from the Company or not. It is their job to sell and you have done your job of providing them the lead.

What is CPA?

Cost per action (CPA) is where you get paid for an action. An action could be providing a lead, adding a customer to a mailing list, or selling a product.

Similar to the CPA is: CPC and CPM.

Cost per click (CPC) is where you pay or get paid for someone clicking on an ad.

Cost per impression (CPM) is usually associated with banner ads. You pay a certain amount of money per thousand impressions. The ‘M’ in CPM is the Roman numeral that represents the number 1000.

You are now armed with the basic information to go out and earn some money online.

My final tip/ Decide on just one of the above to get started. Don’t try to do everything at once, just pick what you think you would enjoy doing the most – that is the secret.

About the author
Graham Stogden has been involved in sales and marketing since 1990. He has run several retail and internet Companies, introduced network marketing opportunities internationally, built PPC campaigns from scratch that brought in sales of over $20,000,000 in short periods, and through SEO has achieved top rankings in Google for major Companies. To get free information and tips on a regular basis, visit his website:

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