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Has Adsense Died or is it Still Flourishing?

This is a question that has come up more often than anything else recently. Google decided to put a stop to their index being taken over by 'made for adsense websites'.

These adsense sites are built entirely to take money from people clicking on ads and do nothing for visitors. In fact, some of these sites don't offer visitors any content whatsoever.

How Can Google find these sites?

They are quite easy to find because most of these sites have an average of 1 page view per person (salesletters are an exception to the rule). Also, it is quite obvious to Google when visitors come to a site and click on an ad without browsing further.

So, Adsense is still alive and kicking, and in my opinion will always be around. Just make sure that the sites you are building offer lots of useful information for visitors.



Adsense has officialy died according to Scott Boulch in his book "The Death Of Adsense".