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Read what I have to say about internet marketing, influential people I have met recently and recommended reading resources. Occassionally I have a rush of blood and talk about what annoys me, what irritates me, what makes me angry, happy and what I Love.


Same Internet Marketing Information Goes Round and Round

What really annoys me is coming across the same internet marketing information online - time after time. It seems that there are a lot of so-called internet marketers out there trying to make money selling information that they have stolen from someone else and re-written!

These 'alleged' internet marketers have never walked the talk, yet they proclaim that if you buy their ebook, you will become rich! I call this intolerant marketing not internet marketing.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Has Adsense died or is it still flourishing?

This is a question that has come up more often than anything else recently.

Google decided that enough is enough when their index was in danger of being taken over by 'made for adsense websites'.

These sites are built entirely to take money from people clicking on ads and do nothing for visitors. In fact, some of these sites offer zero content for visitors.

How did Google find these sites?

They are quite easy to find because most of these sites have an average of 1 page view per person (salesletters are an exception to the rule). Also, it is quite obvious to Google when visitors come to a site and click on an ad without browsing further.

So, Adsense is still alive and kicking, and in my opinion will always be around. Just make sure that the sites you are building offer lots of useful information for visitors.


Yanik Silver's internet marketing seminar

Hi all,

Just come back from Yanik Silver's internet marketing seminar in London, UK. It was an intense four days and I met some amazing people there.

Has anyone heard of Ted Nicholas?

Ted is the expert on copywriting. Content he has written over his lifetime has generated sales of over 4 billion dollars!

I didn't know much about him before this event, but after hearing him speak for 4 hours, he inspired me to learn as much as possible about copywriting.

Another speaker that I enjoyed very much was Phil Gossling. Phil is a very down-to-earth guy, he is not a work-a-holic, but likes to enjoy life to the full and help people build their own internet businesses.

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