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Do You Hate It When Someone Copies Your Work?

Have you ever slaved away through the night writing an article, or reviewed a product to find that a few weeks later someone has come along and copied your work word-for-word?

This happened to me recently and it is really annoying!

Before Google got their act together, if someone copied your content word-for-word or page-for-page or even website-for-website! (Yes I have seen this happen), the content they stole from you would appear in the search engines and sometimes even rank higher than your original content! This is not so much of an issue anymore though.

Google Has Found a Way to Reward the Original Writer

Google can now detect content that has been copied, they can also tell which of the identical pages was uploaded to the internet first. With this information to hand, Google only indexes the page with the original content. Hooray!!!!

So, don't worry about it if someone has copied your work, even though it is really annoying.

Has anyone had any of their work copied recently?
Does the above information ring true? or Has anyone had a different experience?